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2015 hyundai sonata service manual pdf

In the case of the Sonata, the 2015 Hyundai Sonata service manual pdf for a more conservative approach, which resulted in a car that has lost some of its swoopy curves but gained more legroom and hip room for rear passengers. Moreover, the trunk has increased in size as well.

The new Sonata also features a number of desirable tech-centric touches, including a wireless charging pad, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, a head-up display, and an automatic high-beam control system. The latest model also offers a hands-free trunk opener and an advanced blind spot detection and forward-collision alert system.

Hyundai has added some extra comfort to the interior as well, by adding a power-reclining front passenger seat. Drivers will appreciate the availability of a heated steering wheel and a dual-zone automatic climate control system that now includes rear vents.

Power Windows

When the ignition switch is in the ON position, the front and rear power window switches must be on in order to raise or lower the windows. If the window does not operate properly, have it checked by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

The repair costs and maintenance cost estimates for this vehicle are based on actual repair history of millions of unique vehicles over multiple years. These figures are calculated based on the distance from the start of warranty to the first unscheduled repair visit, including both minor and major repairs. This estimate does not include any additional repairs or maintenance, such as replacement of parts and fluids, that may be required after the initial repair.


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