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Money is what makes the world go round, as the saying goes. And it’s true that without it, economies would collapse. Yet despite its power, many people don’t really understand what money is and how it works. This article explains the multifaceted role that it plays.

The most important function of gelduitleg.nl  is that it’s a medium of exchange. Before money, most trades took place through bartering—people traded the goods they had for those that they wanted. But bartering was cumbersome: it required that both parties involved have something that the other wants. This made it difficult to trade with people who lived far away. Money simplifies these trades by acting as a good that everyone agrees is worth the same thing.

“What Makes Money Valuable? Exploring its Intricacies

In addition to serving as a medium of exchange, money also functions as a store of value. Houses, land, and works of art all serve as stores of value, but they’re not the same as money. Money is able to serve as a store of value because it’s easily accessible, convenient to carry, and widely accepted.

Even if a person has an abundance of other goods that qualify as money, he or she is likely to hold onto the pieces of paper in his or her wallet. The reason is a convention of uncommon strength—it’s called Gresham’s law, or “bad money drives out good.” In other words, when someone sees more of one type of currency in circulation than another, he or she is likely to pass on the less-desirable ones and hold on to the ones that are seen as valuable.


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