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what is argireline ?As a long time acne sufferer, I have had my share of questions about certain products such as Argireline and this product in particular. A quick internet search led me to the conclusion that this was another one of those “over the counter” treatments that doesn’t really do anything other than attempt to mask symptoms. I read that it contains natural substances that are supposed to be effective at treating acne but I couldn’t find any reviews on the product so I decided to give it a try. After reading several customer reviews I was pretty amazed with what I found. The product was very reasonably priced, went on very smoothly and within just a few days I noticed that my face was noticeably less irritated.

What Is the Argireline Dream Dictionary?

Upon further inspection of the ingredients of Argireline Dream I discovered that it contained some natural herbal ingredients including sarsaparilla, black cohosh and yellow dock. These ingredients all have a positive effect on acne because they all encourage the production of sebum. I have to admit that I was a bit taken aback by the fact that there were no over the counter medications containing these herbs. But then again maybe they are just new to the market and many companies just haven’t discovered them yet. For anyone suffering from facial acne, this is definitely a product worth trying.

My favorite thing about Argireline Dream is that it’s non-greasy formula, it just feels nice to use. Also, when you apply it to your hair it leaves a fine coating that locks in moisture so your hair is more hydrated which prevents your hair from being dry and brittle. My girlfriend even commented that she noticed that her hair felt much smoother after using it. If you suffer from facial acne and can’t stand the nasty itching, then give this a try and see what you’re fussing with!


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