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Call of duty aw hack  AW hack is the latest entry to one of the most popular shooter series in the world. The game is well known for its stunning graphics, photorealistic visuals and fast-paced action. It’s also famous for Activision’s zero-tolerance stance on hacking, cheating and boosting. However, that didn’t stop the game from being hacked before it even launched.

Unlike earlier CoD titles, where hacks were developed on PC and could only be run on the server, Advanced Warfare’s P2P matchmaking system means that every player is essentially the server. This makes it a lot easier to develop client hacks that can be used in-game. One of the first to appear was a “Triggerbot” that automatically triggers the player’s weapon when enemies are in range. Another is an “ESP” or “Energy Detector” that shows the enemy team’s locations on-screen.

Late HackTheBox Walkthrough

Another common hack in AW is an “aimbot”, software that automatically tracks enemies and fires at them. This can be extremely annoying to players who don’t have aimbots, robbing them of any fun or sense of achievement in the game.

Fortunately, Sledgehammer Games has already released the latest patch to AW. The patch nerfs the hack and includes many other changes that should improve the overall gameplay experience. The update is available now for Xbox platforms, with PlayStation 4 and PC to follow later this week. The patch has been described as a “huge update” and one that should make the game much more fun and exciting for everyone.


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