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Casters vs Wheels

A caster guy is a type of wheel that’s designed to be attached to the bottom of a larger object, such as furniture or a portable machine, for movement. Casters come in a variety of styles, including swivel and fixed casters. Rigid casters tend to restrict the motion of the vehicle, while swivel casters allow the wheel to rotate slightly around an offset distance.

Casters are used in a wide variety of applications, from grocery carts to office chairs and medical beds. They’re also commonly used in industrial environments, where they can help transport large loads across floors and other surfaces.

Caster Guy: A Review of Products and Services

There are many different types of casters, each with its own unique characteristics. One common disadvantage is flutter, which can cause a caster to suddenly swing side-to-side at high speeds. It’s best to avoid this problem by increasing the trailing distance between the caster’s axle and its steering axis. You can also reduce flutter by keeping the caster in contact with the ground at all times. Casters can be expensive and difficult to replace, so be sure to choose the best ones for your needs.


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