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Do It All Yourself With A Fully Qualified Mechanic Company

Located in Alton, California, mechanic Altona is a full service shop that offers high quality service in many different areas of the state. “At ATR Automotive we are committed to giving our customers the best service possible, and with our attention to detail, integrity, and personal touch, you can trust us to help you succeed with your next vehicle purchase or repair.” Mike Johnson, owner of Altona Auctions, has been selling cars for a few years, starting out in his garage. He expanded his business to include an entire auto auction facility in nearby Riverside. With a passion for vehicles and a highly competitive local economy, Altona Auctions was able to build themselves a solid reputation in the industry.


As one of the largest auction houses in the county, Altona features a wide variety of vehicles, from updated model years to classics, in every price range imaginable. From there the company is able to create a customized mobile mechanic Altona schedule, giving their full qualified auto technicians the chance to give their customers the care and attention they need. Full mobile service includes car service, locksmith service, emergency assistance, and even pick-up and delivery of your vehicles if needed. When you’re fully qualified as a mechanic altona, you can receive a full tank of fuel at any time, and your mobile technician will take care of all of the detailing that needs to be done on your car.


If you’d like to start your own automotive company, or just simply work on cars around your own community, the ability to create a mobile mechanic program like Altona Auctions’ is just what you need. You can work throughout your day, making sure all of your customers’ cars get the attention they deserve. You’ll also benefit from a fully qualified workforce in the field, helping you earn more profits and making your customers happy. In short, you can have your own business running full steam with a fully qualified staff of mechanics that you choose, working as a team and providing excellent customer service. When you’re ready to begin your business, consider putting your motor trade on autopilot!