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corayvac parts are the heart of a system that provides comfort for many buildings and spaces including automotive repair shops, aircraft maintenance hangars and bus garages. The low-intensity infrared heating system has been around for over 40 years and continues to be the most cost effective solution for space heating. This is due to the energy efficient, burners-in-series design that minimizes building penetrations and lower exhaust temperatures. These lower exhaust temperatures also help save on energy and fuel costs, which are often a hidden component of high heating bills.

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The CORAYVAC Classic SF system is a heavy duty version designed specifically for specialty fuel vehicle repair facilities. It is a robust system built up of cast iron combustion chambers and schedule 40 steel pipe. The entire system is screwed together and tightened to eliminate leakage and ensure longevity. It is certified by CSA to meet a maximum tube temperature of 750 degrees F (399 degree C) in accordance with NFPA 30A 7.6.6.

For optimal heater control, Roberts-Gordon offers the CORAYVAC Modulating Heating Control. It senses outdoor air temperatures resulting in the system truly understanding the heat requirement. Variable speed technology on pump motors drastically reduces electrical power consumption and extends the motor life.

The CORAYVAC system can be configured for symmetrical or unsymmetrical branch layouts depending on the building layout. This allows for a more even radiant intensity of heating across the entire room. The symmetrical system is recommended for most applications as it maximizes useable space and minimizes building penetrations.


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