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Early intervention speech therapy is an effective approach to improve the communication skills of children. It involves targeted therapy that takes advantage of the child’s developing brain and early learning. This approach allows the child to thrive and catch up with their peers before attending school.

How long are Toddlers usually in speech therapy?

If your child isn’t meeting milestones, it may be time for an evaluation. The child’s doctor can refer the child to a local early childhood partner or a speech-language pathologist.

After the evaluation, the speech-language pathologist will discuss the plan of care with the family. Some treatments can be challenging, especially if the child has not had many formal interactions with a therapist. Early intervention speech therapy can help children with a range of speech delays. These include receptive language, expressive language, and social/pragmatic language development. During these developmental stages, your child’s brain is the most open to learning. However, if your child falls behind at this point, catching up will be difficult later.

A licensed speech-language pathologist is the best option for finding help. Most states require a master’s degree for clinical practice. Once a graduate has obtained this degree, he or she will qualify to sit for the national Praxis exam, which leads to a state license.

Parents may be hesitant to see a therapist, especially if their child hasn’t had any formal interaction with a professional. However, if your child has a language delay, it’s important to get started on the evaluation as soon as possible.

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