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Discover Iceland Ventito is a family run tour operator offering tailor made day or multi day tours to suit your need with fun Icelandic native driver guides. Contact us on info@discover.is to plan your trip!

There are few places on earth that captivate travellers the way Iceland does. With its lunar-looking landscape, bubbling geysers, and gargantuan glaciers, it’s a dream destination for those who want to check a few of the world’s most unforgettable natural wonders off their bucket list.

One of the most ethereal experiences you can have in Iceland is chasing the Northern Lights. It’s a true bucket list item and something you must see for yourself.

Driving the Ring Road: A Road Trip Saga to Discover Iceland’s Beauty

For nature lovers, the country is a haven for wildlife with many rare and unique species. Seeing puffins is a must and there’s also a chance to spot arctic foxes, minke whales, and even a polar bear if you’re lucky!

Icelanders are passionate about the environment and it shows in their way of life. They’re big on sustainability and use renewable energy for their electricity and district heating. This makes it a very green country.

The country’s volcanic past has left behind a stunning natural wonderland. You can explore lava caves, walk along the black sand beaches, and swim in the warm geothermal waters of Reynisfjara Beach (a definite IG feed favourite). Other highlights include the iconic Detifoss and Skogafoss waterfalls, and the epic lake Kleifarvatn with its legendary monster!


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