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If you are looking for a great little body kit then you will definitely want to check out the 1HZ turbo kit. This body kit has received a lot of attention because it is very sleek and it comes with a killer looking red engine. However, what makes this kit so great is the fact that it is also very durable and reliable. With this kit, you can save yourself money because you will no longer have to buy an expensive fiberglass body when you can instead buy a high quality vinyl body. If you want to save some money, though, you might not be able to find a better deal than you will with the 1Z turbo kit.

1hz turbo kit

Great Low Cost Turbo Kit

One thing about the turbo kits that makes them such a good deal is that you can install them on just about any car without having to purchase another body kit. The reason why you will not have to buy a new body kit when you get the turbo kit installed on your car is that the entire process takes less than half of the time that it takes for other kits. This is great news for anyone who is interested in saving money, especially if they already have half of the project. Another great thing about the 1Z turbo kit is that the parts are universal so you will not run into any problems installing it on a car that uses a different kind of engine.

If you were to go buy a fiberglass body from a sports car shop, you would probably get a great deal because the body shops typically charge thousands of dollars for installation. However, when you go buy a turbo kit from a factory made car parts store, you will only spend around $300 for the labor to install the kit. The best part about the turbo kit is that most people who have installed it have given the factory made parts away or sold them on the internet. This gives you a great deal because you get to save even more money and you will not have to spend more than half the time it would take for a fiberglass kit to be installed.


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