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HOA Management – What to Expect From a Professional HOA Manager

If you’re considering hiring a third party to HOA – hawthornemgmt oversee the HOA in your community, there are several things you should know. One of the most important things to look for in a management company is how responsive they are to the needs of the community. Many companies can answer all of your questions about HOA regulations and help you decide if their services are right for your community. Some companies also provide services such as meeting facilitation, taking minutes, and providing advice and direction at meetings. Lastly, the company will act as your main point of contact for all HOA vendors. For example, HOA management in San Diego will typically involve supervising a wide range of vendors for projects like pool maintenance, landscaping, sports complex upgrades, and even security services.

A key component of HOA management is determining termination clauses. If a resident decides to terminate the contract early, the HOA must give thirty, sixty, or ninety days’ notice before the effective date of the termination. Regardless of the length of the contract, it must be in writing and sent via certified mail. In addition, the board should determine any penalties if the management contract is terminated early. HOA management contracts often automatically renew after a certain number of years.

In addition to managing the HOA, a company will also work to increase the value of the properties in the neighborhood. HOA management companies work with the board of directors to develop community events and reduce the association’s liability. HOA management companies also manage the board’s budget and financial reporting. Aside from overseeing the management of common areas, HOA management companies can hire staff to maintain the common areas. For larger properties, the company may also manage the board of directors.


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