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Punaise de lit paris – For anyone who has ever suffered from bed bugs it is important to visit the Parise de Lit Paris in France. The location of this incredible bed bug museum is by the River Rhone in Avignon. The reason why the place is called Parise de Lit is because it is lit up like a Christmas candle every night during the nighttime. This actually is the largest collection of its kind in Europe and houses over 2000 antiques and original paintings. It is truly amazing what people are able to find here when looking for an answer to how to get rid of bed bugs.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs With Parisian Style Pest Control

As with all other pest control methods you will need to use some form of bait to be able to kill the insects. A lot of people use paper towels, paper clips, clothes pins and even nail clippers. They may sound crazy but it works really well. You should use the pest control product that you have purchased to do your extermination. Using just one treatment can take care of a whole neighborhood of these bugs so try to use as many as you have the time to.

If you have already tried the newspaper method to get rid of bedbugs Parisian style then you know exactly what to do. It is a very long process but worth it because you will never have to worry about these little buggers returning. It is recommended that if you have already tried the treatments in the past that you contact the Parisian authorities to ask for assistance. They are not only equipped to handle this problem but they also need to protect the public from them as well. The police in Paris will always be on duty to help individuals and businesses deal with this infestation. Asparagus seems to be one of the most popular pest control tips in Paris, especially when it comes to bed bug extermination.


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