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Ford Ranger intercooler | Ford Ranger owners are all about power and that is why the company introduced the intercooler. Intercoolers are part of a body kit and are usually placed sideways between the original intake tube and the turbocharger, to improve air flow and cooling for a particular car model. The first of its kind, the Ford Ranger intercooler was made for the Cobra variant of the muscle car and sports car; the second one is for the Cobra GT and the third one is for the powerful GT series.

ford ranger intercoolers

Intercoolers For Your Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger intercooler produces more power with less effort. With its turbocharger re-valve technology, more power is extracted from the 5.0lci engine than its naturally aspirated brothers. With the Ford Ranger intercooler, you can expect a noticeable change in horsepower: an increase of 30 HP over naturally aspirated engines. This is possible because the turbocharger is responsible for most of the extra power, not by its displacement or capacity, but by its air flow.

Another noteworthy advantage of having a turbocharged engine is that the cylinder head is now stronger and is capable of producing more pressure than before. This means that there is more room for air to enter the combustion chamber. A stronger cylinder head, consequently, means that combustion gases are burned more efficiently. This leads to a faster, more complete burn and so increased power and improved economy. It also leads to more energy being spent on fuel and that directly leads to better fuel mileage. The Ford Ranger intercoolers are thus an important component in the power train of the vehicle.


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