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Australia ICT services provider

Australia is one of the fastest developing economies in the world and this has been made possible by the ICT technology, particularly with the rapid growth of information technology (IT) and computer science. One can look forward to a bright future for Australia as more ICT services providers are establishing themselves here. For instance, a new ICT services provider based in Adelaide is offering ICT – Telemedicine Software, which will allow patients to avail of advanced medical treatments such as cardiology, diagnostics and even physiotherapy from experts via a PDA or tablet PC. Patients in need of specialized care will be able to see their doctors via telephone instead of driving to an emergency room. This is just one example of ICT – Telemedicine Software transforming lives – continue reading

How To Find Leading ICT Services Provider in Australia

Another promising ICT – Telemedicine Software from a relatively unknown ICT provider based in Adelaide, called Health Concepts has been creating a buzz among health-care professionals all over the country. This provider uses innovative technologies to enable faster diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders and even death and injury cases that have been brought into their hospital’s emergency room. This health care provider promises improved patient care with increased access to top quality technology – through a PDA or Tablet PC – which allows the doctor to examine a patient rapidly. The company boasts that it has reduced the number of deaths in their ERs – thanks to better diagnosis – by implementing these novel technologies. Their other technologies also promise to make patient care more efficient.

Another promising ICT services provider in Australia is Health Concepts in Perth, Western Australia, which has been delivering health care at a much lower cost since its establishment five years ago. In fact, it boasts of being the first iCT company to receive accreditation from the Royal College of Nursing in Australia and is now making great strides in providing improved patient care. One iCT technology that is being used by Health Concepts is its iMed Altar System, which helps patients with a variety of ailments get the medical attention they require without stressing too much about remembering to take their medicine.


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