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The event press release formats used by media release companies are designed to maximize the impact and readability of the released information. It is very important to get the right press release format, because many times an event may be a one-time occurrence, or an event that only takes place once in many years. If your release does not read well or is difficult to comprehend, your chances of gaining new publicity or a new following are slim.

event press release formats


A good example of one of the most common press release formats used today is the “bite” style, which consists of two-sentence paragraphs, with the first sentence being the lead paragraph. The second sentence, the body of the article, contains information about the main idea of the event, and what other people should know about it. In addition, there may be a few sentences concerning the connection between the main idea and the other ideas that were brought up during the talk, if there is any. The release then concludes with an agreement to pursue the topic if questions or concerns are left. However, the release should always end with a brief paragraph or statement that says something to the effect of thank you for reading the article, as well as encouraging people to pass on the information about the event.


One of the most common event press release formats used is the “Q&A”. This consists of a list of questions, along with answers provided by the author or speaker. This type of press release often has many pages or is published on its own. The author uses a prepared speech to answer the questions and provides additional information. If the event has multiple speakers, there may be separate bulletins or handouts to be distributed to the attendees. These types of events are usually used to promote a new product or service, and the press release will contain information about the product or service.


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