There’s no doubt about it: Havianas | Flop Store is great! I have worn them year after year now, and they never go out of style. Or am I? They come in a variety of bright colors, from neon and bright yellow to pastel and warm browns – perfect for any casual day or even for a night on the town. They’re also affordable, which makes them an ideal shoe for those on a shoe budget. The thing I like best about them is how comfortable they are, especially if you buy them with a heel.

How To Find The Right Havaianas Flip Flops For Your Specific Product(Service)

In addition to the great comfort, the thing I like best about havaianas flip flops is the way they look. The thing I like most about havaianas is that they almost always come with a built-in heel lift, so the heels stay up and flat, no matter how much you move in them. The thing I dislike most about havaianas, however, is the way the straps work: the design of the straps tends to dig into the skin, creating a bit of a scar from the raised strap bottom to the soles. This can be uncomfortable, so we’ll just skip over it for now.

The only downside I can think of with havaianas flip flops is their lack of style. While the straps look great and offer support, they don’t look very fashionable – there’s nothing about havaianas that screams “formal” like sandals do. And while the design of havaianas may limit their versatility, I have seen more than one person who wears them both as evening and beach wear and loves them! They work great with jeans and shorts, and with dressy outfits. If you’re looking for a simple, elegant shoe to add a touch of pizzazz to your wardrobe, give havaianas a try!


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