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It’s a well known fact that there are quite a number of Termite Inspection Stations operating in the Gold Coast, both on the Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach beaches. These Termite Inspectors are specialists who can provide you with expert advice about the type of infestation you have and the best way to get rid of them. They are also able to provide you with specific recommendations for pest control services. Many of the Termite Inspectors in Gold Coast are members of the Terminex International, which is an Australian-based organization that works towards helping people understand the importance of pest control and how it can help improve our quality of life. Check the Termite Inspection cost Gold Coast here.


There is also many Termite Inspector’s who is also licensed Gold Coast property inspectors who will be able to give you a free on the spot inspection on the places that they feel are infested with these pesky Insects. These inspections are mostly done within the coastal area near the beach. They will take the Termite Surveyor’s report and advise you about your specific problem. Once the problem has been defined, the Gold Coast Property Management team will work with the local council to make sure that any necessary action is taken to get rid of the insect.


The Gold Coast has a wide range of Termite Hot Spots, which are areas where the Pest is usually present. The areas are generally along the coastline, including in the Thermal Wonderland, Broadbeach, Nobbies Beach, the Tugun/North Stradbroke Island and also parts at Miami and Burleigh Heads. These Termite Hot Spots can be very unpleasant to live in, so if you suspect that you might have one, please go ahead and call in to the nearest Termite Inspector. They will be able to assess the area and suggest a course of action. They will also gladly give you their name as well as phone numbers for more information.


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