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Ticketmaster Oops Something Went Wrong

If you have recently accepted tickets from the transfer email, you may be receiving an error message on your phone or computer that reads “oops something went wrong ticketmaster.”

The issue isn’t necessarily a scam, but it could be that you signed in to Ticketmaster using a different email address than the one associated with your event ticket. Please reach out to the seller of your tickets and they can initiate a retransfer request.

Problems With Ticketmaster Oops Something Went Wrong

Whether you’re buying tickets for a concert, sports event or theater production, Ticketmaster offers the best tickets at the lowest prices. As part of the Live Nation Entertainment network, Ticketmaster ensures fans get the most out of their live experiences.

Refund Policy Has Changed

The Ultimate Guide to Troubleshooting Ticketmaster Oops Something Went Wrong

As part of our commitment to fan safety, we have updated our refund policy to reflect the fact that organizers may limit the types of refunds available for postponed or rescheduled shows.

This change is in response to several legal cases where customers have sued Live Nation over postponements or cancellations.

In one case, a fan sued Live Nation for not allowing him to receive a refund for a Janet Jackson concert that was postponed for two hours. In another, a woman was denied a refund for her tickets to see the Rolling Stones.

Problems like this are more common than you might think. As part of our efforts to improve fan experience, we collect data from problem reports throughout the day and analyze it to identify any issues that might impact your experience.


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