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Little giants childcare KillaraThe Little Giants is a film that is set in Uganda during the 1980’s. The story is about two little boys who love to dance and perform at their local church in Uganda. However, they are also being bullied by an adult male teacher that is trying to control them. His main objective is to force the boys to do his bidding. He tells them that they will be given what they want if they will follow his lead.

What’s the Story of Little Giants?

One night, one of the boys decides to play the drums and the other boy joins him in doing so. At this time, the teacher tries to get the boys to join his team, but neither of them can bring themselves to do it. After that, the teacher gives them both sticks. These sticks are made of rubber and the purpose of it is to make them carry on and carry out what he says. In the end, he gives the sticks to one of them. In the process, both of them become injured and one of them is killed.

In Little Giants, one of the main characters is called Nya, who is a boy who is very much interested in dancing. He is also a big fan of music, which means he wants to become a professional dancer someday. He was a fan of a boy named Koki, who was also very much interested in dancing. However, he had a bad feeling about Nya because Nya had the same skin color as Koki. It was because of this reason that Nya decided to join Koki, whom he considered a close friend.


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